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Meet 614 Media Group staff’s pets!

Meet 614 Media Group staff’s pets!

614now Staff

At 614, we love our pets—like we LOVE them. It’s just an average day at the office to see Kaia the German Shepherd sleeping in front of a door or Aycie, the Bernedoodle, cozying up to someone for a snack or a cuddle. Shared pictures of crazy kitties are the norm and we never a miss a beat telling someone about a “funny thing” our pets just did. So, Columbus, this is the perfect time to share our love of our pets with YOU! Check out some of our favorite pics of our favorite pets.


Emma Quinn, Creative Designer

This is Ramsey, age 12. We got him from a breeder. 

My brother and dad had been begging my mom to let us get a dog for years, and finally she caved and we went out to find our perfect pup. My favorite thing about Ramsey is his lack of spatial awareness. He always wants to be up close and personal, especially when I’m cooking. He will lay right on my feet in hopes that I will drop something. 

Mindy Wilhite, Account Executive

Giant Schnauzer
1 1/2 yrs old
Dogs bring soooo much JOY!
He LOVES to snuggle!

Meggin Weimerskirch, Advertising Director

Sammy & Aycie 
3 1/2 & 1 1/2
Sammy is a mini hippo (1/2 cocker spaniel, 1/2 shar pei) & Aycie is a Bernedoodle

I had lost my Shar Pei Ginger, and wanted my other Shar Pei Louie to have a pal,  so I rescued Sammy from Holmes County. He was adorable in his pics & I fell in love with him.  

Aycie was the runt of his litter.  I had no intention of getting another dog, but Aycie stole my heart. Aycie came from MilFurr Kingdom Bernedoodles in Westerville

There are so many things that I love about both of my dogs.  They have their own personalities, looks, cuddles, noises, etc.  But what I love the most is that they are always with me.

Sarah Sole, Asst./Digital Editor

Magic, 5
From PetPromise

I needed a kitty of my own. I had met Magic through volunteering with PetPromise and fell in love with her silly personality. Magic is the only cat I’ve ever met that likes to be picked up. She likes to sit on your left shoulder and will purr loudly. 

Jaime North, Creative Designer

Hector & Albert (L to R)
3 Months

We got them from Petsmart in Plain City through their adoption program. My boyfriend and I moved into a new place and decided we needed kitties to keep us company. They are brothers and get along and play together so well, they also LOVE to cuddle and follow us around constantly. They have the best little personalities.

Lindsay Press, CEO

Eddie Press
1.5 years old
From Westerville, Ohio

Wright (our 5 year old) inspired us to bring him home. Turns out, he’s Kate’s (our 3 year old’s) “favorite puppy”

Jayci Haase, Marketing Director

This is Talli, my 5 year old tuxie. She quickly transitions from cuteness to cat blob. She was adopted from Columbus Humane.

We had done a friend a favor by taking in a cat that needed a home, but it turned out to be a bloodthirsty demon. That cat literally had to be sent to live on my aunt’s farm, but don’t worry, she’s very happy there now not having to interact with humans. We had already paid the apartment pet deposit and had all of the cat stuff, so we decided to adopt a kitten. Talli wasn’t the one we went to the shelter to look at, but she was the only kitten that immediately came forward meowing and wanting attention. So we took her home. 🙂

What I love about her: Talli likes to make people believe she’s a big tough cat, but really she’s a softy who loves to cuddle endlessly. She would spend 90% of her day on my lap if she could. She’s also a weirdo who likes to lick plastic bags, play fetch, sit up like a human, and exclusively—I mean exclusively—eat cheap kibble.

Stephanie West, VP of Content

Kaia Anne West is 11 months old and she is the very first dog I’ve ever owned. I’ve always wanted a pure bred German Shepherd because they are such loyal dogs, attentive, and super smart. Kaia is all those things and more. She’s the best dog ever and I just love her. Except for how picky she is—cheese cubes, yogurt, and fruit every morning for breakfast! Spoiled. Also: She likes to put my cats’ heads in her mouth. And my cats like it. They will head bump her for more. I do not understand.

Justynne Pride, Marketing Coordinator

Tyrion Lannister
1.5 years old
I got him from Cleveland! He is a Browns fan.

I got Tyrion because I was in need of a furry companion and he was in need of a home.

My favorite thing about Tyrion is that even though he is grumpy, sassy, and sometimes a downright menace to society, he will still cuddle with me every once in a while. 

Travis Burson, Account Executive

Breeder in Bexley

Being home from the pandemic helped but it was time for me to get a dog of my own!
How smart and funny he is. Too smart for his own good!

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