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Create the Easter egg hunt of your dreams with this Grove City service

Create the Easter egg hunt of your dreams with this Grove City service

Jack McLaughlin

Egg My Yard is back for 2021. 

The popular service that provides pre-made Easter Egg hunts for all ages went on hiatus last spring due to the outbreak of COVID-19, but has now returned (following popular demand) for its second and biggest year of operation yet.

And while it’s very possible you had already heard of Egg My Yard, as it swept up the Grove City area in a sea of brightly-colored egg dye two years ago, it’s less likely you know about how the small local business started (and still operates today) as a fundraiser.


The service started in 2019, when Mary Ellen Remick’s daughter—a highschool freshman at the time—was given the opportunity to take a school trip to Disney World and perform as a member of the Grove City High School orchestra and choir. To raise money for her expenses and those of other GCHS students, Remick launched Egg My Yard.

GCHS students helped set up each yard display, and many such students benefited from the proceeds. While there aren’t any orchestra and choir trips planned yet for this year or next, money from this year’s egg hunts will benefit choir and show choir fees for students, plus fees for any trips that do come up in the near future. 

Even though the service today is a success, not everyone loved the idea at first. 

“Honestly, I thought it was stupid. I thought it was a stupid idea,” said Mary’s daughter, Allison, laughing. In only a few short weeks of watching things take off, though, she was forced to admit that her Mom had the right idea.

In their first year of operation, Egg my Yard provided hunts for just under 100 families. 

“We really try to make the service as personalized as we could make it,” Remick said. “We obviously check for food allergies, but we also figure out what yard (front, back, or side) people want their egg hunts in, plus we include a personalized letter from the Easter Bunny to the kids, and a special surprise egg for each child.”

Remick even works to provide hand-crafted Easter Bunny footprints in customers’ yards, along with a list of other small touches to make the experience truly immersive. Customers can hire the service to provide as few as 20 eggs, or as many as several hundred.

Oh, and we forgot the best part: “We get high-quality candy too. The good stuff,” Remick said.

Even though 2020 was a bust for Egg My Yard, Remick already has 85 families lined up for this year, and anticipates many more between now and Easter. To sign up, send an email with the details of the egg hunt you would like to [email protected].

And while Egg My Yard only offers their services to the Grove City area, don’t worry. There’s plenty of Easter Bunny to go around. A similar service, Get Egged, provides premade eggs to the northern Columbus area, including Upper Arlington, Dublin, and Hilliard. You can request an order from them here


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