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Get your glamping on with these luxury tents for rent

Get your glamping on with these luxury tents for rent

Sarah Sole

If your idea of camping falls somewhere in between cozy, blanket-covered bliss and an interior design oasis, you might want to check out Hallowed Hygge.

The business, started by David and Alexis Larsen earlier this year, offers fully furnished tents for everything from a backyard glamping experience to a wedding.

“Our inspiration came from our own personal camping encounters combined with my love for design,” Alexis said.


After renovating a camper, the couple would continually chat about how amazing camping would be if all the work involved could be taken care of by others ahead of time. Soon, the duo realized that that concept, fused with their background in restaurant management and hospitality, gave them the opportunity to create a very unique business model.

So far, Hallowed Hygge has furnished tents for teen birthdays, a first communion, Easter, graduation, a 21st birthday, backyard glamping, and a large fundraiser event. Customers can choose between an “event” tent and a “standard” tent, both of which come fully furnished for the occasion.

“The response has been pretty amazing; everyone who sees the tents in person is ready to book,” Alexis said.

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