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It’s time to make your picks for ColumBEST 2021

It’s time to make your picks for ColumBEST 2021

614now Staff

March Madness? Pshhh.

We’re channeling our March selection-making energy into Columbus’ largest reader’s poll! That’s right, ColumBEST is back. Now through March 21st, YOU vote for your favorite places, people, services, and more in our beautiful city.

From brunch spots to ice cream shops, and fitness studios to spas, we’re on a mission to determine who, what, and where deserve the title of BEST of 2021. Will it be

There’s more. Voting is pretty fun all its own, but you didn’t think we’d pass up the chance for a giveaway, did ya?
Cast at least 40 votes to be entered to win a $500 gift card to Easton, and keep an eye out for flash giveaways!

We’re so excited to to watch your picks roll in, Columbus! Just wait until you see all the categories you have to choose from. Note: If you don’t see your favorite business listed as a nominee in their category, write them in! Write-ins that garner enough votes are added to the nominee list.

One last thing. We want to give a final nod to the 2020 ColumBEST winners. Due to the pandemic switching things around last year, they’ve had less time as reigning champs. Now that ColumBEST is back on schedule, will they make it back on top?



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