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Otherworld’s ‘strangest room to date’ will open early this year

Otherworld’s ‘strangest room to date’ will open early this year

Sarah Sole

If you haven’t visited Otherworld lately, you might notice there’s a lot more to explore. 

Founder Jordan Renda said the Otherworld team has added a new, large room and about 8 to 10 smaller spaces since June to his immersive art experience at 5819 Chantry Dr. 

But of the two new rooms that are slated to open early this year, Renda said “Udderworld” will likely be the strangest room to date. 

“It’ll be a bit of temple-meets-factory-farm,” Renda said. 


One of the interactive pieces, pictured here, will be about 14 feet tall. 

Otherworld is also working on a collaboration with local artist Marcus William Billingsley. A Cleveland native and Columbus-based artist, Billingsley creates vibrant paintings and portraits. 

Otherworld, for the uninitiated, is 32,000 square feet of interactive art, mixed reality playgrounds and secret passageways. Forty-seven rooms feature the work of over 40 artists. Guests get to pretend they’ve volunteered to test out alternate realm tourism at pioneering tech company “Otherworld Industries”. 

During the pandemic, Otherworld has been capped at 30% of its usual capacity, but it still sold out every weekend in 2020, Renda said. Attendance between June and December of 2020 was higher than the same period last year, he said. 

“I think people are looking for an escape now more than ever,” he said. 


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