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Check out the best places for Indian food in Columbus

Check out the best places for Indian food in Columbus

Sarah Sole

Cumin. Turmeric. Garam masala. 

Indian food is a celebration of spices, a converging of flavors. 

A good curry or chicken tikka masala can be the best comfort food, and we could talk about paneer all day. Can you tell we haven’t eaten breakfast and we’re already thinking about lunch? 

We know Columbus, that you feel just as passionately about your Indian food as we do. That’s why we asked you during our ColumBEST reader surveys to share your favorite restaurants with us. 

So, dear readers, check out your top picks for Indian food below, and then go treat yourself to a big bowl of curry and some piping hot naan. 


AAB India

AAB blew all other competition out of the water, earning 70.9% of your vote. Come here for an authentic North Indian cuisine experience. Specifically, the restaurant specializes in menu offerings from rural Punjab. Popular menu items include tandoori oven dishes as well as exotic curries. They’re also known for their vegetarian fare. 


This progressive Indian cuisine eatery with a name meaning soul or spirit earned 15.5% of your vote. The spirit of India is alive here, in small plates such as the Sweet Potato Tikki and Jackfruit Tacos, as well as in large plates such as Butter Chicken and Beef Short Ribs Curry. ROOH also has vegan and gluten-free small plate menus. 

Indian Oven

Trailing not far behind ROOH is Indian Oven, with 13.6% of your vote. Featuring ingredients from the Far East to North America, the eatery offers a slew of breads and condiments. Indian Oven’s broad menu also includes Tandoori, Biryani, meat, seafood, and vegetarian specialties. 

Do you have a favorite Indian eatery that we didn’t mention here? Share it with us in the comments below. 

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