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Columbus eatery gets creative to bring back beloved dinners

Columbus eatery gets creative to bring back beloved dinners

Sarah Sole

Columbus, you can now get many of your favorite Comune dinners to go. 

The restaurant, 677 Parsons Ave., on Feb. 15 added an evening menu full of “Comune Classics,” like its original Crispy Rice Dish. The new menu will be available from 5 to 8 p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays.  

Owner Joe Galati said nostalgia motivated the new addition. 

“As we’ve talked with guests the last several months, many have shared their favorite memories with me, and so many of them revolved around our dinner and those experiences,” Galati said.  “While COVID has certainly changed the landscape of how we get food into people’s hands, the idea of us collectively sharing our favorite moments from Comune’s past [led] us to craft an evening menu of Comune Classics that I know so many of us remember fondly.”


While Comune’s mission has always been about the power food has to connect people, the pandemic has made that much more difficult, Galati said. Still, he said staff members wanted to craft a menu in which guests could take a bite of a dish and instantly remember some of their favorite times at the restaurant. 

The offerings Galati said he’s excited about include the Crispy Rice Dish, the Walnut-Maitake Bolognese, the Bread and Spread, and the Tempura Cauliflower. The dishes will be just as guests remember them, with perhaps a few tweaks to make sure they travel well. 

“We talked about our favorite Comune memories and pulled some guests’ feedback from their most memorable times and rebuilt a menu around that shared nostalgia,” he said. 


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