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Columbus ice cream spot releases Hot Cheetos flavor

Columbus ice cream spot releases Hot Cheetos flavor

Jack McLaughlin

One of the best things about ice cream is the sheer variety of flavors the frosty treat can be found in. Within the last several years alone, Columbus has seen wild varieties pop up, ranging from sweet corn to birch with marshmallow, and even everything bagel.

But a new offering from the Italian Village ice cream spot CRMD–located at 1190 N. High St.–is taking things a step further with a hot new flavor.

Called simply Hot Cheetos, the new release is a vanilla-based ice cream that contains real pieces of hot Cheetos. It appears pink with a smattering of light red spots, and is served with a generous handful of the spicy snack on top to accentuate is unique taste, and to add an element of crunch.


“Initially you get a subtle flavoring, and as the ice cream melts in your mouth the hot Cheetos flavor and heat builds,” said CRMD co-owner Ben Stoyka.

He also offered a few words of advice to Columbus patrons considering sampling the new dessert.

“Just stay adventurous. Try new things, you might surprise yourself sometimes,” he said. “It’s definitely a weird or different flavor, but surprisingly good if you’re a hot Cheetos fan.”

If you’re brave enough to try the newest–and wildest–offering from CRMD, you’ll need to act fast to do so. According to Stoyka, the eatery released the flavor on Aug. 21, but in very limited quantities.

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