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Columbus restaurant and brewery boasts new-look dining room

Columbus restaurant and brewery boasts new-look dining room

Jack McLaughlin

After eight years, the Wolf’s Ridge Brewing restaurant space was in line for some interior updates.

For the next month, the dining room inside their popular downtown space—located at 215 N. 4th St.—will be undergoing a series of renovations in order to create a fresh new look and feel for the space.


“The first thing we wanted to do was create a more intimate experience,” said Wolf’s Ridge owner Bob Szuter. “So we added a design element to break things up a little bit.”The two largest communal tables in the dining room were removed (one currently remains), and a sleek wooden partition was installed to further separate tables.

Crafted by Matt Hatcher of the Idea Foundry, the structure is made up of thin, repeated wooden slats that allow light and sightlines to remain intact while keeping things more personal for patrons.

Additionally, the restaurant will feature a brand new longue space as well.

“Where the brewery wall is, we used to have just a few tables over there; we’re trying to create a little bit more of a bar-focused area that will let the bar program shine a bit,” Szuter said. This will include the addition of several benches as well as new low to the ground lounge-style seating.

While the dining room partition is already in place, Szuter is aiming to have all of the dining room updates completed by the end of September.

Regular diners won’t have to worry about interruptions, either, as the Wolf’s Ridge restaurant and taproom will both remain open throughout the work.

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