Condado Tacos expands its menu with soy chorizo

Sarah Sole

Condado Tacos’ newest offering is a plant-based protein that packs a punch. 

According to a release, the outfit is adding soy chorizo to its menu this week, a savory crumble with seasoning and diced poblano peppers. 


You can add the chorizo to any taco, nachos, or bowl, and it will also be featured in three new vegetarian menu items. The Soy Chorizo Taco features a soft flour shell, guacamole, soy chorizo and poblano peppers, pico de gallo, and salsa verde, and is vegan as well. A second option, the Dirty Soy Chorizo Taco, features Condado’s Sweet Lucy shell with soy chorizo and poblano peppers, lettuce, pico de gallo, pickled jalapenos, Middlefield smoked cheddar, and dirty sauce. The third option, the Soy Chorizo + Poblano Smoked Cheddar Queso, features smoked cheddar queso loaded with soy chorizo and poblano peppers. 

Soy chorizo isn’t Condado’s only vegetarian fare. The menu also includes meatless taco options The Mantis and Dutch Dragon. 

Condado has 21 locations in Columbus, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Dayton. For more information, visit


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