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‘EGLOOS’ arrive at Easton

‘EGLOOS’ arrive at Easton

Sarah Sole

Easton Town Center just leveled up its winter outdoor dining game.

The shopping mall added “EGLOOS” to Forbidden Root, The Beeline Bar, and Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce, located in the New District.

The heated EGLOOS feature chic decor, comfortable seating, and air purification. They’re available by reservation only and are cleaned in between guests.

“Easton Town Center continues to innovate and create new, safe experiences for guests,” said Easton Chief Executive Jennifer Peterson. “With the addition of the new Easton EGLOOS, guests can visit the New District and experience Forbidden Root, Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce, and The Beeline in their own personal entertainment space. It’s a fun way for families and close friends to dine out and spend time together safely at Easton Town Center.”


Two EGLOOS are available at Forbidden Root, and each one seats between four to six guests. A $75 food and beverage minimum is required. The Beeline Bar’s EGLOO seats two to six guests with a $100 to $300 minimum purchase. Forty Deuce also has one EGLOO available. The price is $40 per person plus tax and gratuity, and the EGLOO seats four to six guests.

For a list of even more igloos to check out around Columbus, click here.


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