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From spaghetti BBQ to breakfast-inspired cookies, here are the wildest new Columbus dishes you need to try

From spaghetti BBQ to breakfast-inspired cookies, here are the wildest new Columbus dishes you need to try

Jack McLaughlin

Let’s get weird, Columbus.

I probably don’t need to tell you this, but Ohio’s capital city is a food town. And within any eclectic scene, there’s going to be some pretty strange stuff going on beneath the surface.

But sometimes, strange is good. We dug deep to find some of the weirdest, most outstanding new dishes to hit the (614) recently, and here’s what we found.


Ray Ray’s Meat + Three, Burnt End Spaghetti

Good barbecue knows no bounds. This means that Ray Ray’s Meat + Three has gone Italian and created a spaghetti dish featuring their mouthwatering burnt ends. You’ll need to act fast to try this one, though, as it’s only available at their Granville eatery through the weekend.

Libby Lou’s Fun Factory, Candy Bar Cheesecake Extreme Shake

Warning: this is no ordinary milkshake. Libby Lou’s in Clintonville is known for its wild creations, and this one does not disappoint. It features cheesecake-flavored ice cream with real chunks of cheesecake and candy bar pieces (you can pick from eight different options) inside. It’s then topped with an entire, intact, piece of cheesecake, a candy bar, and even cheesecake icing. Because why not?

La Chatelaine French Bakery & Bistro, Croissant Pizza

La Chatelaine is known for serving up a variety of classic French dishes. This is most definitely not one of them. It is, however, a winning combination of textures and flavors. It features a handmade croissant crust topped with fresh mozzarella, Parisian ham, bacon, and fire-roasted tomato sauce.

Insomnia Cookies, Breakfast-inspired Cookies

Insomnia just opened its second Columbus storefront in the Short North, so now is the time to check out their line of weird but wonderful breakfast cookies. The first two, Cinnamon Bun and Cereal N Milk, are relatively tame. The third, though, is Everything Bagel. And when they say everything, they mean it, as this one includes ingredients like poppyseed and onion.

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