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Greek and Mexican Fusion: Meet Macho Taco

Greek and Mexican Fusion: Meet Macho Taco

Jack McLaughlin

I’m not too proud to admit there have been times I’ve felt hungry enough to take down a gyro plus a handful of tacos in one sitting. And while thankfully I never did, the good news is, one fun new Columbus food truck is combining the flavors of both Greek and Mexican cuisine, with huge portions to boot.

Macho Taco, which officially opened this past summer following a string of COVID-related setbacks, is the brainchild of former retail manager and salesman Sam Kirk. And while you might at first think Kirk’s ancestry was a factor in the style of food served at Macho taco, it was actually something else, something we can all relate to: his appetite.

“I come from a big Italian family; a lot of chefs and just foodies in general. And so I’ve just always loved all kinds of food; I’ll try anything,” he said. “But my two favorite foods ever are those, Greek and Mexican.”


And while Mediterranean and Mexican food are fantastic separately, Kirk believes that the two cuisines compliment each other. 

“Mexican food is so rich and packed with flavor,” Kirk said. “And I like the way that Greek food has cleaner flavor profiles, and can be a little healthier overall, so the idea of mixing the two really appealed to me.”

The Macho Taco menu, which was endlessly tweaked and experimented upon in backyard cookouts and tastings Kirk would host in the year leading up to the truck’s opening, is headlined by their best-selling Macho Tacos and Macho Bowls. The taco features a flour tortilla combined with a hard taco shell (held together with queso and refried beans) filled with your choice of meat, corn, verde slaw, tomato, red onion, and feta. Both the bowl and the taco are topped with the eatery’s signature Hulk Sauce, an avocado cream sauce with three different levels of heat. Also offered is a smokey, tangy chipotle sauce.

Macho salads, plus kids options and sides like chips and queso and “Incredible Tots” (tater tots decked out like nachos with corn, black beans, tomato, red onion, feta, and hulk sauce) are also available on the side.

But that’s not all. Debuting tomorrow during Macho Taco’s weekly Taco Tuesday stop at Combustion Brewery is their massive Macho Mama’s Grilled Cheese Burrito. This one features a burrito in a fried, garlicky “grilled cheese” shell that’s both crispy and cheesy: truly unique and unabashedly indulgent. 

“We have a pretty healthy, clean menu, and I think that sometimes people want to eat at their favorite food truck and just pig out,” Kirk said. “Tots are the only thing we have that we deep-fry, so I just kind of wanted to give those other guys something new.”

Kirk and Macho Tacho can be found every Tuesday at Combustion Brewing, but make sure to check out Street Food Finder for their current location and menu listings.


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