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Holy Ravioli: North Market Bridge Park is Pasta Ditoni’s first retail storefront

Holy Ravioli: North Market Bridge Park is Pasta Ditoni’s first retail storefront

Jack McLaughlin

Craving a lobster ravioli? How about one with a six-cheese blend? 

You can find all that and more at Pasta Ditoni’s first retail storefront, located at North Market Bridge Park.

Pasta Ditoni’s is known for their stuffed pasta, which they’ve been making for sale to restaurants in Ohio and throughout the country for nearly 30 years. 

“If you’ve eaten out in the Midwest and ordered pasta, chances are you’ve had our product,” said Jyoti Bhattal, daughter of Pasta Ditoni’s owner Goga Bhattal.


Now, the behind-the-scenes artisans have come forward with their first-ever direct-to-retail storefront, which opened in North Market Bridge Park on Dec. 11.

Pasta Ditoni’s sells its pasta frozen, and its good for up to a year or more. But what really sets them apart—besides an eye-popping filling to dough ratio—is the sheer variety of pasta they offer. With over 30 regular options for sale at their Bridge Park storefront, there’s truly something for every taste.

Some of the best-sellers from this slate of eclectic options include the aforementioned lobster ravioli with saffron, a six-cheese blend that’s been a popular seller (especially for kids), a veal and truffle-stuffed pasta, plus even more inventive options like black bean, or an upcoming Valentine’s Day special that will feature a brie and sundried cherry stuffing, with cherry juice adding a reddish hue to the dough.

“I always like to try different things; it’s the more the merrier with different cuisines,” said Goga Bhattal. “And here in American, we’re a diverse group of people, with flavors from all over. You’re exposing people to things they haven’t had before, but with flavors they’re familiar with, like the black bean.”

And one of the benefits of their new Bridge Park location is the ability to experiment with even more flavors and pasta combinations, something that their production facility doesn’t allow. 

“So the retail gives us a little more room to experiment with different things, where you cannot do that with distribution or restaurants,” Bhattal said.

And their new storefront offers guests much more than just pasta. In addition to fresh, pre-made pasta salads and blends, Pasta Ditoni’s also sells a full slate of desserts (imported weekly) plus Italian sodas, dried goods, and even Lavazza, a specialty Italian coffee. This means you can order a freshly-made espresso drink to go, or even grab a bag of Lavazza for home. 

“Lavazza is not in Columbus anywhere else; it’s actually not in Ohio anywhere else,” said Jyoti Bhattal. “Unless you go to a restaurant, you wouldn’t be able to go to a coffee shop and buy that anywhere here.”

With the Bridge Park location and their online store, which features delivery options, Pasta Ditoni’s aims to offer a top-tier Italian dining experience for a fraction of the price, and one that’s far more convenient than dining out. 

“The idea here is for families to come together. They can order this restaurant-quality food that some of the best chefs use. They get to stay home, open up a bottle of wine, you know; there’s choices for the kids and everything as well,” Goga Bhattal said. “That doesn’t mean people aren’t going to go out and dine either, but if you want to have that restaurant experience, you can do it at home and you’re basically 50 percent off costs.”


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