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Kroger launches “virtual convenience store” with delivery in as little as 30 minutes

Kroger launches “virtual convenience store” with delivery in as little as 30 minutes

Jack McLaughlin

Love having your groceries delivered but hate waiting 12 hours, or sometimes even several days, until you get them?

Kroger has you covered.

On Sept. 14, the grocery chain partnered with Instacart to launch Kroger Delivery Now, a service they’ve billed as a “virtual convenience store” that boasts over 25,000 items. Their massive inventory, including snacks, groceries, over the counter medication, other essentials, and much more.


The service—which Kroger expects to reach 50 million homes in total—is able to deliver groceries in as little as 30 minute to certain customers. It’s available to shoppers across Ohio from 6 a.m. until midnight.

According to a statement released by the Cincinnati-based grocery chain, Kroger Delivery Now comes after the demand for convenience and rapid delivery has spiked in recent months.

“Kroger Delivery Now is a differentiated solution in the e-commerce industry, not just the grocery sector,” said Rodney McMullen, Kroger’s Chairman and CEO in a press release. “Our new service provides customers with one more way to shop with us and addresses the importance of convenience and immediacy. Operationally, this service reaches up to 50 million households and it’s an expansion of our thriving e-commerce model that demonstrates strategic interplay among our assets, expansive store network, supply chain, and dedicated fulfillment centers and fleet, joined by Instacart’s unrivaled fulfillment model and last-mile technology to provide our customers with anything, anytime, anywhere without compromise.”

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