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Lil Bird’s Bakery serving up decadent sweet-treat flavors

Lil Bird’s Bakery serving up decadent sweet-treat flavors

Jack McLaughlin

Janna Kiger, the owner of Lil Bird’s Bakery—a new home bakery spot slinging some of the best and most inventive cookies in Columbus—just can’t get it right, no matter how hard she tries.

Her relationship with her partner’s cat, that is.

It became so dire that Kiger decided to name her bakery after Lil’ Bird (the cat) in hopes of appeasing the particular feline, although so far not much has come from this move.

“Naming the business after her is just a desperate ploy for her love. It hasn’t worked yet, but I still have hope,” she said.


And while Kiger may not be a cat whisperer, she has the whole cookie thing down to a science. It was a lifelong love of the craft that led her to open up Lil’ Bird’s Bakery in February, and trust us, you don’t want to miss out.

The best place to start: the cookies.

Because even though Lil’ Bird has featured everything from blackberry hand pies to exquisitely detailed carrot cakes to massive chunks of focaccia in the past, the cookies have always been the star of the show. And for good reason.

Striking the perfect balance between culinary-minded and downright delicious, Kiger’s cookies are impossible to resist. With a constantly rotating menu, she turns out everything from lemon poppy cardamom to white chocolate-glazed strawberry shortbread and double chocolate cherry walnut.

“Did I mention I love to eat? I think that’s what drives most of my cookie related creativity. I just make whatever I think sounds delicious,” Kiger said.

And we’re not about to forget one of her early recipes that remains Lil Bird’s best-seller to this day, the salty rye chocolate chunk cookie. The rye in these standout treats helps to impart sweet, nutty notes that provide enormous depth of flavor.

With Lil Bird’s Bakery still putting the finishing touches on their website, you can order simply by shooting them a direct message on Instagram. Make sure to check in there for menu updates, new flavors, and regular food porn-caliber photos.

For even more baked goodness, you’ll also want to check if Kiger’s pastry boxes are available when you do decide to shell out. 

“They typically contain cookies, something cakey, and something flakey,” she said.

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