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Parsons to reopen for outdoor, limited indoor seating

Parsons to reopen for outdoor, limited indoor seating

Sarah Sole

Though the brewery is still awaiting the completion of its patio enclosure, Parsons North Brewing Co. is opening back up to guests. 

Owner Nathan Klein said the brewery at 685 Parsons Ave. has reopened its patio and very limited indoor seating. Small tables are available inside, but no bar seating yet, he said. 

“With the weather changing for the better and cases and hospitalizations trending down, we decided to go ahead and open back up,” he said. 


Klein said they’ll continue to offer carryout, curbside, and delivery options as long as they are viable. 

Klein said completion of the brewery’s patio enclosure has been delayed with no definite completion date. The enclosure was to feature roll-up windows on all sides with a ventilation flap above the door. It was slated to be large enough to fit a few tables inside. 

But despite the delay, the brewery is moving forward with outdoor seating. 

“It became clear to us that we could still provide a safe place for people to enjoy our atmosphere,” Klein said.  


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