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Pass that Parm: It’s National Spaghetti Day

Pass that Parm: It’s National Spaghetti Day

Sarah Sole

Columbus, do you remember the scene in “Lady and the Tramp”? The one where they go on a doggie dinner date and tag-team some spags? 

Whether you look to classic Disney films for inspiration, you do the fork twirl, or you require a fork and spoon, there’s no wrong way to chow down on some spaghetti. 

And today, dear readers, is our day for noodles, sauce, meatballs, and lots and lots of parmesan cheese. 

To ensure you’re celebrating National Spaghetti Day accordingly, we’re sharing with you the top three Italian restaurants in Columbus as chosen by you in our ColumBEST reader survey. So take a gander, then grab your coat and get some dinner. Just make sure to tuck that napkin into your shirt if it’s white. 



With 49.4% of your vote, Marcella’s was your clear choice for fine Italian dining. The menu features classic Italian favorites such as antipasti and cured meats for appetizers. But we’re most excited about their handmade pasta, which is the star of many of their dishes. Their Pasta “Your Way,” lets you choose between red sauce, alfredo, arrabiata, tomato cream, Bolognese, or toasted garlic and extra-virgin olive oil. You can also add meatballs, chicken, and shrimp. Bonus? Gluten-free penne is available. 

Carfagna’s Kitchen

Earning 25.3% of your vote, Carfagna’s has been reliably turning out handmade pastas, pizzas, and sauces since 1937. All of their pastas are made with handmade egg noodles and served with a garlic roll and a veggie, salad, or cup of soup. We think we hear the spaghetti and meatballs calling our name. 

Basi Italia

Basi Italia tied for second with Carfagna’s, also earning 25.3% of your vote. This small restaurant in the heart of Victorian Village is known for its creative takes on classic Italian eats. We’re here for the spaghetti and meatball dinner, which includes caesar salad, spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, and of course, tiramisu. 

Columbus, which place is your go-to for spaghetti? Make sure to share it with us in the comments below. 

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