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Pizza party meets beer festival in this upcoming outdoor event

Pizza party meets beer festival in this upcoming outdoor event

Jack McLaughlin

What’s better than an outdoor pizza party?

How about an outdoor pizza party with beer from 40 of the best breweries in the state.

Following the success of the massive beer-driven festival this spring from Woodland’s Backyard, the Grandview restaurant and bar has decided to host a bigger and better version of the event.


Woodland’s Backyard Beerfest will take place on Oct. 15 and 16 at the eatery’s wooded property abutting the Scioto River (668 Grandview Ave.).

“Our first event in April was very well attended and we heard nothing but positive experiences from attendees,” said Josh Smith, Bar Manager at Woodland’s Backyard. “We want to give the guests an even better experience by adding additional breweries and allowing people to buy individual tickets as well as upgrading to a group ticket with the VIP option.”

While they haven’t narrowed down the full lineup just yet, he expects there to be roughly 40 breweries present. Woodland’s Backyard’s sprawling outdoor space features plenty of room to mingle and explore while you take in a slate of top-flight brews.

Tickets will go live soon, and while all forms of admission include Mikey’s Late Night Slice, you can also opt for an early bird option, letting you hit the brewery booths an hour before the rest of the crowd, and a VIP option, which includes table service, additional beers to try, a whole lot more pizza.

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