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Popular ramen ghost kitchen is coming to Budd Dairy Food Hall

Popular ramen ghost kitchen is coming to Budd Dairy Food Hall

Jack McLaughlin

Budd Dairy Food Hall has snagged another in-demand Columbus eatery to fill Hatch, its rotating kitchen space.

While the fast-casual Zaytoon Mediterranean Grill is currently operating out of Hatch, next up is Red Rabbit Ramen, which will take over the rotating spot from Oct. 25 until Nov. 21.

Red Rabbit opened as a ghost kitchen in November of last year, offering customizable ramen bowls, several classic pre-made ramen dishes (miso, kimchi, shoyu, and more), and small plates.


“We are very excited for Red Rabbit Ramen’s next big step with Budd Dairy Food Hall! Our ghost kitchen location allowed us a great start as a business, but we are excited to finally meet our customers in person and make ourselves more available to try our food outside of a small delivery zone,” said co-owner Terry Ramsey.

Ramsey, alongside her husband Mike, first discovered ramen in New York City in 2014. Crafting the perfect bowl quickly turned from hobby to obsession for the couple, and Red Rabbit followed shortly after they relocated to Columbus.

“To me, Ramen is comfort food. It’s just the perfect bowl,” said Mike Ramsey. “Every time I eat ramen it’s like Thanksgiving: It’s so welcoming and easy to eat. It’s so full of umami and flavor.”

In anticipation of their Budd Dairy space and an eventual brick and mortar eatery further down the line, the Ramseys closed their ghost kitchen—which was located at the commercial CloudKitchens space on Essex Avenue—in early September.

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