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Take an early look inside the city’s newest Cameron Mitchell restaurant

Take an early look inside the city’s newest Cameron Mitchell restaurant

Jack McLaughlin

Cameron Mitchell Restaurant’s highly-anticipated El Segundo Mexican Kitchen is slated to open Aug. 31 at 698 N. High St., but you don’t have to wait to get a sneak peak of the new Short North eatery.

We were invited into the CMR concept following its food and beverage menu rollout, and we’re here to give you the goods.

“We make everything from scratch,” said Amberlyn Heiney, a regional director of operations at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. “From our homemade corn and flour tortillas, to tacos, flatbreads, entrees, and desserts.”


El Segundo’s menu, which can be viewed here, features an eclectic mix of Mexican-style cooking. Appetizers like hot tamales and Mexican street corn are available to start things off, alongside lighter fare such as soups, salads, and a number of unique flatbread creations.

The spot also features a wide variety of tacos, fajitas, as well as a burritos and bowls section, featuring options like brisket barbacoa and pork chile verde. Full entrees, such as the green chile cheeseburger and Baja fish are also available. 

Dessert options include churro donuts, tres leches cake, and flan. 

The impressive drink menu doesn’t miss a step, either.

Photo by Jack McLaughlin

You can pick from the many margaritas offered—including one with guava juice and another with chili tequila and citrus fruit—opt for a cocktail, or even lean into your adventurous side with one of three barrel-aged tequila flights.

And while the new High Street restaurant isn’t a large space, it more than makes up for this with a compelling ambiance.

Done by the Florida-based Karen Hanlon Design Group, El Segundo’s interior is as fun as it is immersive. Brightly-colored bar and booth seating contrasts with an abundance of dark wood in the space, while highly ornamental light fixtures create a pleasantly cozy dining environment. 

Additionally, the walls are adorned with a variety of hand-crafted wooden masks, and much of the space’s exposed brickwork is covered by large on-theme graffiti work from artist Anguila.

“When you’re going out to eat, you’re looking for an adventure; an experience,” Heiney said. “A good restaurant can transport you. When you’re somewhere with great service and a great environment, where all your senses are engaged, you just can’t recreate that.”

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