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The Crest Gastropub opening new pizza concept

The Crest Gastropub opening new pizza concept

Jack McLaughlin

The Crest Gastropub doesn’t serve pizza.

But if you know where to look, you can still grab a fresh pie from their Clintonville restaurant.

That’s because the popular sustainably-sourced eatery is launching The Crust, a brand-new pizza concept owned by The Crest that will operate as a ghost kitchen from its location at 2855 Indianola Ave. 


The Crust will serve Neapolitan-style pizza made fresh from their wood-fired oven. They will begin serving pizza on Sept. 15.

“When we were thinking about the pizza we wanted to make, we knew we wanted to use that oven, that was a big part of it,” said co-owner Justin Wotring.

The new ghost kitchen will offer a cheese pizza with mozzarella, parmesan and hot honey ($14), a margherita pizza ($14), a pepperoni variety with pickled peppers ($15), and a pesto pizza with chevre and cured lemon ($15). A rotating chef’s special will also be offered for $16.

Customers can grab focaccia cheese bread or a charcuterie board as a side, as well as brown butter chocolate chip cookies or tahini brownies for dessert. Several cocktails and Peroni, a light Italian lager that pairs well with pizza, will also be available.

The new pizza concept, like The Crest, will also opt for local and sustainably-sourced ingredients.

Pizza from the Crust can be ordered for either delivery or pickup. Customers will also be able to order pizza from the Crest’s bar, where The Crust’s menu will be discreetly printed onto coasters.

According to Wotring, the concept hasn’t been publicized much, and this quietly clandestine nature of The Crust is something they’re embracing. 

“It’s something we all came up with as a team, something we’re all excited about,” Wotring said. “It’s what makes this thing fun. We want people to do the same thing, to play with their food for a little bit before they eat it.”

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