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The Weekender: Whimsical desserts and where to find them

The Weekender: Whimsical desserts and where to find them

Alyson Strickler-Vazquez

People of every age enjoy a bit of whimsy, especially when it comes to desserts. Whether it’s a sugary cereal recalling memories of finding a cherished prize at the bottom of a box or sticky fingers from plucking cinnamon-sugar-covered mini donuts from a wax bag while strolling the state fair, these desserts will catapult you back to your youth.

Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce is bringing skyscrapers to the #614 in the form of towering milkshakes. These shakes are EXTREME— The Bridge & Tunnel features birthday cake ice cream topped with an entire slice of confetti cake, and The Candy Kane is Willy Wonka’s dream, created with sour patch kids, taffy, lollipops, gumdrops, and a variety of other childhood candies. Want to embrace adulthood and liven up your visit? Deuce offers the opportunity to make your shake “boozy.”

Insider Tip – Want dinner and a show? Friday and Saturday Forty Deuce offers a Burlesque Supper Club (just don’t take the kids) …


Dodo Donuts had me at “fresh mini donuts.” Offering playful flavors like strawberry shortcake, Dunkaroo’s (for us 80s kids), and Tropical Colada, dodo has a rotating menu of seasonal flavors that will satisfy all ages. Dodo’s mini donuts are so light and airy that you will devour an entire order before offering one to a friend if you aren’t paying attention. Part of the excitement is following them on Instagram @the_dodo_trailer to see new flavor concoctions and what part of town they are popping up in next.

S’wich Social is the perfect addition to this list because owners Addison and Sean named S’wich after the ice cream socials they coveted as kids. The neon-lit store, located in Italian Village, displays rows of house-baked cookies and colorful toppings such as Fruity Pebbles and rainbow sprinkles. S’wich offers a curated menu, but I prefer the create-your-own option (if you want to get crazy, pick a different type of cookie for your top and bottom). The dense cookies with spirited names—couch potato, party animal, and buckeye blossom—are decadently paired with high butterfat ice cream then rolled in splashy toppings to create a gratifying treat.

Insider Tip – Feel free to share because these ice cream treats are HUGE!

It’s the first weekend of Fall, so break out those oversized flannel shirts and enjoy warm donuts from a food trailer or indulge in shareable shakes or jumbo ice-cream sandwiches that will make you feel like a kid again. 

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