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Two popular Columbus breweries introduce charcuterie vending machines

Two popular Columbus breweries introduce charcuterie vending machines

Jack McLaughlin

Welcome to the future, Columbus. 

Beginning yesterday, Antiques on High and Getaway Brewing, both Seventh Son Brewing concepts, have introduced charcuterie vending machines to their taprooms. Yes, you read that correctly: Charcuterie vending machines.

The refrigerated machines dispense eats from a variety of artisanal meat, cheese, snack, and even seafood purveyors, including Black Radish Creamery, Saddleberk (products from which will be stocked soon), Ortiz El Valero, and Weed Knob Acres. 

Customers can purchase everything from whiskey barrel-aged salami and chorizo to pickle chips and trout caviar.


“To our knowledge, these are the first charcuterie vending machines offered at a brewery,” said co-owner of Seventh Son, Antiques on High, and Getaway brewing Collin Castore in a press release. “It’s important to us to provide our customers with fun, unique products and experiences, and I think we’ve hit the mark with this. The fact that we’re also supporting great, local partners through our wide array of product offerings is icing on the cake.”

According to Seventh Son Marketing Director Sara Hollabaugh, the items are packaged per entire unit, meaning it’s the full salami stick or cheese block available for purchase. Items range in price from $2 to $24, and you can find a full menu here.

“You’ll pretty much find the same type of packaging you would in a grocery store,” Hollabaugh said. “But we have cutlery, plates, everything you need, and it’s all biodegradable. If you have a table of, say, four people and everyone buys one item, you can create your own custom spread.”

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