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What’s on Our Plate

What’s on Our Plate

Jack McLaughlin

We like to keep our readers abreast of some of the hottest new menu items in the city so they can try them for themselves. And guess what: We’ve got more for you. From cookies that have it all (literally) to pizza with pickles and a crazy chicken Philly, it’s another beautiful week for food in the Cbus. 

While we can’t possibly cover all the new local foods that come out in Columbus, we sure do have a great handful for you today. So with the weekend in sight, kick back, and grab a seat at the table. This is what’s on our plate.


Tudie’s Cookies & Sweets, Kitchen Sink Cookie
Normally we save dessert for last even on these lists. But sometimes you just have to throw those rules out the window. This new cookie from Tudie’s—a small but delicious Columbus home bakery—is one of those times. The aptly-named treat stuffs Twix pieces, M&Ms, Funfetti chocolate chips, Ritz’s Crackers, and a full Reese’s cup inside a cookie that’s then topped with Nutella sauce, peanut butter sauce sauce, and a handful of kettle corn for good measure. There’s majorly limited availability on these, so order soon!

Kitchen Social, Citrus Chicken Salad
Ok, ok. That last one was so rich and indulgent that we should probably offer some healthy picks as well. But don’t get it twisted: Just because something is good for you, doesn’t mean it can’t also be delicious. This fresh new salad from Kitchen Social manages to be both, as it combines roasted chicken, wild rice, orzo, arugula, almonds, and cranberries together for a bright-tasting winner here in time for spring.

Fibonacci’s Pizzeria, License to Dill
Pickles? On a pizza? Before you knock this wild creation from one of the city’s most inventive pie slingers, you absolutely have to try it. License to Dill starts with a garlic olive oil base, topping it with a blend of mozzarella, cheddar, fontina, Asiago, and Romano cheeses, and then piling on the bacon, dill pickle slices, red pepper flake, and dill, for a wild pie that hits all the flavors notes.

Blackbird Kitchen, Fantasma Burger
Blackbird Kitchen is billed as Columbus bar food with a twist, and we have to admit that even that is selling them short. Their newest item, the Fantasma Burger, piles up beef patties from The Butcher & Grocer (so you know the quality is top-notch), Oaxaca cheese, pickled jalapeño, and their namesake spicy Fantasma sauce.

Black Box Fix, OMG Philly
So technically this crazy-inguldent (and crazy-delicious) item isn’t new to Black Box Fix, which has served the greater Cleveland area for years. But now that the ever-popular spot final has a Columbus location at Easton Town Center, we want all the Cbus residents to know about it. Their signature sandwich (which comes in several equally-rich variations), features grilled chicken topped with jumbo Creole shrimp, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and meaty Swiss cheese on a toasted bun with their signature mayo.


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