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Where to find the best riffs on s’mores

Where to find the best riffs on s’mores

Jack McLaughlin

We’re at the doorstep of summer, and this means that campfire season is almost underway. 

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite s’mores-themed goodies around the city to give you a taste of summer just before the real thing. So grab a seat around the fire, Columbus. Let’s dig in.


Libby Lou’s Fun Factory, Waffle S’mores Sandwich
Waffle. S’mores. Sandwich. I mean, what more do we need to say? In case you aren’t familiar with Libby Lou’s—the Clintonville sweets shop rolling out more crazy-indulgent treats than we can shake a stick at—it might be time you acquainted yourself. With layers of waffle doused in marshmallow cream, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, graham crackers crumbs, and an entire toasted marshmallow, this one really does the talking for itself.

Eliza’s Cookies & Treats, S’mores Cookie
There’s no such thing as too much marshmallow, and these massive (each one is guaranteed to be at least four inches in diameter) cookies from the new home bakery Eliza’s Cookies & Treats are here to remind us of this simple fact. Where most s’mores treat incorporate mini-marshmallows of smaller chunks, these cookies—which also contain chocolate chips and Graham cracker bits—quite literally see their dough wrapped around an entire marshmallow.

Basic Biscuits, Kindness & Coffee, Mini S’mores Biscuit
In case you aren’t familiar with this fun Grandview spot, they’ve built a concept around great coffee, food, and bite-sized biscuits offered in a wide variety of flavors. Now with summer drawing near, they’ve rolled their new s’mores flavor, and this one—part savory biscuit, part delectable sweet treat—is something we’re all about.

Lion Cub’s, S’mores Cookie
While these beautiful cookie creations are always around (as this popular delivery spot regularly switches up its offerings) we follow a simple rule when they are in stock: Buy as many as possible. Each enormous cookie (which is always delivered hot) comes jam-packed with chunks of marshmallow, chocolate, and—for a fun but delicious twist on the classic flavor combo—pieces of streusel, which offer just enough of that graham cracker-esque texture as well.

Cherbourg Bakery, S’mores Bar
There’s a chance you haven’t heard of Bexley’s Cherbourg Bakery yet, but those who have know they’re a household name within the gluten-free dining scene of Columbus. And even if you’re fine with gluten, these S’mores Bars deserve your attention, featuring liberal amounts of chocolate chips and gooey marshmallow fluff encasing a gingersnap cookie—another fun riff on the graham cracker element.


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