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Why wearable tech isn’t a trend that’s wearing out

Why wearable tech isn’t a trend that’s wearing out

Sarah Sole

Wearable tech has been pretty hot since it first hit the market. According to ACSM, it was a top fitness trend since first being introduced in their world fitness survey in 2016. This year, wearable tech is the second most popular fitness trend across the world. The category includes fitness trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors, and GPS tracking devices that track metrics such as heart rate, body temperature, calories, sitting time, and sleep time. The most cutting-edge tech can even measure blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and electrocardiogram. 

The gadgets are an incredibly powerful way to help people stay accountable and aware of their actions, said Julie Wilkes, CEO of Seven Studios


The most popular types of wearable devices measure the number of steps you take as well as your heart rate, Wilkes said. The metrics allow incredible insight in how your body is responding to stress and physical activity. 

“We start to learn about your fitness levels,” she said. 

Sleep, too, is a popular metric to measure, especially because a lack of sleep has been connected to a greater risk of developing mental health issues, Wilkes said. 

While there are a variety of metrics that can be measured with wearable tech, there’s also a variety of ways to wear them. Wilkes said armbands, wristbands, and even rings are all options. Wilkes recommended starting with a model that’s affordable, and upgrading later. 

“There’s many different wearables out there,” she said. 

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