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The top 10 ways to add value to your home

The top 10 ways to add value to your home

Sarah Sole

Whether you’re planning on selling your house down the line or staying put, only a little TLC is required to update your humble abode and add value. We talked to Worthington-based Davis Rogers Interiors to learn the best methods for injecting a bit of modernity and style into your space that helps increase your home’s selling point. 



Fresh color can make a big difference to interior and exterior spaces. Choose neutral hues such as Sherwin Williams’ Aesthetic White and Natural Choice, both soft whites. Add color with art and accessories. 


Give that ceiling some love with updated lighting fixtures in a modern, fresh color, like black. Score yours at Capital Lighting. 


Remove that carpet, especially throughout main shared spaces, and replace your flooring so that it’s a cohesive material. A durable choice is luxury vinyl, which looks like wood and is easy to install over your existing flooring. Find it at Rite Rug or America’s Floor Source. 


Abandon that nickel kitchen faucet in favor of something black or bronze. Worly Plumbing has a variety of timeless options from which to choose. 


Update your kitchen and bathroom cabinets by switching to black metal knobs and linear pulls. To start your search, try In Home Concepts.  


Try exchanging your traditional door knobs for levers, which are more ADA accessible. Replace the round rosette knob mounting with a more modern square shape. 

Powder Room

Since the first-floor bathroom is used by all your guests, it’s a prime place to add some pizazz. Give that powder room the luxury hotel treatment with fancy wallpaper, lighting, flooring, and an updated vanity. 


Avoid that uniform feel by updating your doors with new colors or new material, such as glass instead of wood. Look for your right fit at Capital City Millwork. 


A wood-burning fireplace is in vogue right now—but maybe isn’t your style. Cost effective alternatives without the smoke include electric or linear gas fireplaces, which add ambiance as well as extra heat. Find your light at Hamilton Parker. 


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