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New rapid-transit bus line will connect downtown to Dublin

New rapid-transit bus line will connect downtown to Dublin

Jack McLaughlin

If you’re tired of sitting in bumper to bumper traffic while heading north on 315, we have some good news for you.

A new rapid-transit bus line linking downtown Columbus with the city’s northwest side is officially underway. During their June 28 meeting, the Columbus City Council approved $750,000 to begin its funding. The city council is expected to allocate $4.5 million in funding over the coming months as the project enters its next phase as well.


Referred to as the Northwest Corridor, the new express line will follow Olentangy River Road for most of its route, connecting the Arena District and downtown Columbus to the OSU campus and eventually southern Dublin. 

The city will utilize rapid bus transportation for the line instead of a light rail system, which is more costly.

“Today, most people in Central Ohio rely on cars to get to and from their destinations. If this approach persists, by 2050 our region may experience significant travel delays, reduced transportation reliability, and impacts to our economic competitiveness,” reads a prepared statement from the City of Columbus in reference to the corridor.

In fact, according to a LinkUS study, over 100,000 people utilize the route for their daily commute. As the Central Ohio region is expected to grow by up to one million residents by 2050, the problem won’t be getting better on its own

Efficient transportation isn’t the only benefit Columbus will see from the new bus line, either. By connecting important areas of commerce in Columbus, the route should also provide a boon for local business.

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