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Elf on the Shelf Fails

Elf on the Shelf Fails


Ah, the “Elf on the Shelf.”

There are so many ways one little elf can destroy a home. And as you can expect, it sometimes ends in complete disaster. We asked for your biggest Elf on the Shelf fails and you guys delivered:

Untitled design (56)

“The Elf was in reach of a Great Pyrenees puppy… it was a Christmas Elf massacre.”

“Elf caught fire from a light, in front of the kids. Dilemma… touch the elf, or let him burn??”

Untitled design (57)
Untitled design (58)

“Have one in my Kindergarten classroom… it fell over and the kids FREAKED out that she was hurt”

“Our dog somehow got to our elf, Sparkles. Sparkles then lived with half a head for the next 3 years…”

Untitled design (58)
Untitled design (60)

“The elf played Uno on the floor with Barbies, and our Roomba ran… it was a massacre!”

“Our elf got severe burns from sitting up on a chandelier!”

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Hopefully these readers have luck finding a new elf so late in the holiday season! 

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