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A brand-new golf simulator lounge serving Sexton’s Pizza is coming to Old Hilliard

A brand-new golf simulator lounge serving Sexton’s Pizza is coming to Old Hilliard

Jack McLaughlin

It was when longtime Hilliard resident and real estate developer Andy Warnock was having a conversation with his neighbor that the idea for The One 9, a brand-new golf simulator lounge, first came to be.

“He was saying that there wasn’t much in the way of entertainment in Old Hilliard, that you can only find places to eat and drink,” Warnock, co-owner of The One 9, said. “We wanted something that combined the use of golf simulators with the feel of places like No Soliciting.”

And that’s exactly what the new spot will be.


Located at The Junction in Hilliard, one of Warnock’s properties at 5460 Franklin St. which formerly housed Master Lighting Services, The One 9 will feature a 2,000 square foot lounge complete with a pair of $70,000 cutting-edge Golfzon simulators.

According to Warnock, the simulators are slated to arrive in mid-November. This means a Thanksgiving-time grand opening could be in order for The One 9, although it may be later. Warnock is anticipating the new spot will open sometime this year, however.

Located in a connecting unit, Sexton’s new Hilliard location will also provide golfers with food.

“All you have to do is scan a QR code, order, and they’ll bring pizza directly to your bay,” Warnock said.

The club will be membership-based, with a cap of 100 members. Members will be allowed to bring in guests and will have 24/7 access to the simulators from their smartphones. The space can also be retained for company events.

You can sign up for the membership interest reservation list for free now. If you don’t make the initial membership cut, which be first-come, first-served, you will be added to The One 9’s waiting list.

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