According to new study, Columbus swears more than any other US city

Jack McLaughlin

Believe it or not, a recent study asserts that Columbus swears more on average than any other US city.

The study, which was recently published by Preply, surveyed more 1,500 residents from 30 different major American cities. According to its findings, the average US citizen swears 21 times per day. Here in the Arch City though, we curse 36 times each day on average.

Well, sh#t. Only 35 more to go.


The study found that Las Vegas swears the second-most of any US city, averaging 30 course words per day. In third place was Jacksonville, averaging 28 swears every day.

Conversely, the study also determined which cities in the US swear the least. According to Preply, Phoenix residents have the cleanest vocabularies in America, swearing only 14 times per day. Portland, Oregon residents also averaged 14 swears a day.

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