Video: A giant panda who has correctly guessed the past two winners made his pick for the OSU-Georgia Peach Bowl

Jack McLaughlin

A prophetic panda has made his pick for the Peach Bowl, in which Ohio State will square off against the University of Georgia for the first round of the College Football Playoff.

The 25 year-old panda named Yang Yang, who is a resident of Zoo Atlanta, has supposedly guessed the previous two Peach Bowl outcomes correctly (Michigan State beating Pittsburgh in 2021 and Georgia beating Cincinnati in 2020).

Zookeepers stuffed boxes marked with each team’s logo with bamboo, his favorite food, and let Yang Yang decide for himself. 


You can watch the video here.

Unfortunately, Yang Yang “chose” the Bulldogs to come out on top. And while we’re not making any accusations here, the fact that this is coming from an Atlanta-based zoo does smell a bit like home cooking.

Just kidding. Best luck to both teams, but go Bucks!

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