A familiar Columbus breakfast item was named one of the best in the country by ‘Food & Wine’

Jack McLaughlin

In late October, “Food & Wine” released an article titled “The Best Breakfast in Every State,” and a long-popular Columbus sandwich made their list.

According to “Food & Wine,” Fox in the Snow’s Souffled Egg Sandwich is one of Ohio’s must-try breakfast items.

“two Blue Bottle Coffee grads are bringing Bay Area bakery and café culture to the middle of the country with Fox in the Snow, featuring one very good breakfast sandwich — souffled egg with candied bacon, Swiss cheese, arugula, and dijon cream on toasted ciabatta,” the story reads.


Several items are typically listed under the entry for each state.

Columbus diners will likely know that this isn’t the first time the Fox in the Snow sandwich has received significant attention. Alongside copycat recipes of the coveted sandwich appearing online, rave reviews of the item posted to local and nation foodie blogs are also commonplace. Fox in the Snow was even selling tote bags emblazoned with the phrase “World’a great breakfast sandwich” at one point.

Have you tried one yet, Columbus? Does it live up to the hype?


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