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Beloved Grandview restaurant announces permanent closure

Beloved Grandview restaurant announces permanent closure

Jack McLaughlin

CLEAVER has closed for good.

The popular eatery owned by Tony Tanner, founder and operator of The Butcher & Grocer, made a surprise social media statement announcing its closure yesterday evening.

CLEAVER was located at 1099 W. First Ave. in Grandview. It was connected to artisan meat purveyor The Butcher & Grocer, which is located at 1089 W. First Ave. The restaurant sourced its meat from the shop.


CLEAVER opened in August of 2020, replacing The Old Spot in Grandview.

“Simply and plainly put, there weren’t enough guests buying our food to make ends meet,” the statement reads. The closure was effective immediately.

Tanner elaborated on the closure to 614now, noting that several other factors also contributed.

“It’s been a very difficult year with rising prices, much lower than desirable head count, the depressed economy and so many people getting to finally take a real vacation in three years, we just didn’t come close to revenue goals,” he said.

He said that The Butcher & Grocer—which operates a handful of Central Ohio locations and has a new storefront slated for New Albany—will remain open and is “safe for now,” but saw a revenue decrease of 25 percent this year as well.

“We are doing this to try and avoid raising prices, but so many expenses keep going up or have gone up and have been there a while,” Tanner said. “We need the lovers of all things local to visit and support the butcher shop too.”

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