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Beloved neighborhood bar closing to the public

Beloved neighborhood bar closing to the public

Jack McLaughlin

Tucked away underneath the Worthington location of Natalie’s Coal-fired Pizza, Light of the Seven Matchsticks and its revered mixologist manager PJ Ford have served as a cornerstone of the local cocktail scene since it opened five years ago.

But now, Light of the Seven Matchsticks, as we know it at least, is coming to an end.

The cocktail bar posted a lengthy statement to its Instagram page earlier today that announced that Sept. 18 will serve as the cocktail bar’s “last day…as you’ve come to know it.”


After service on Sept. 18, the Worthington spot will transition to become a private event space, and the site of the occasional pop-up.

“We will continue to host private events and the occasional pop-up, but the little speakeasy in the basement of Natalie’s Worthington that we fell in love with is treating these final 3 weeks as a celebration of all the truly memorable and crazy times we’ve shared together,” the statement reads.

The concept does have a new location in the works, it appears. According to the statement, Natalie’s Grandview location will be the home of a new bar space. It’s unclear if this will be known as Light of the Seven Matchsticks, or if it will operate under a new name.

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