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Clintonville diner announces permanent closure

Clintonville diner announces permanent closure

Jack McLaughlin

After a two and a half year run, Portia’s Diner in Clintonville is closing its doors.

A local hub for a wide variety of vegan fare, the eatery will close for good on July 30, according to an employee at the nearby Portia’s Cafe.

Both in Clintonville, Portia’s Diner and Portia’s Cafe are sister concepts owned by Portia Yiamouyiannis, who also owns Clintonville Natural Foods, a health food and supplement shop.


Portia’s Diner is located at 3269 N. High St. Portia’s Cafe, which will remain open, is located at 4428 Indianola Ave.

Portia’s Diner not only focuses on vegan fare, it also makes a point to serve only food that is “local, chemical-free and plentiful,” according to the eatery’s website.

When the diner first opened in early 2020, it replaced Whole World Restaurant & Bakery at the High Street storefront. Whole World also focused on natural and meatless foods.

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