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Columbus bakery creating “crazy milkshake bar” with new location

Columbus bakery creating “crazy milkshake bar” with new location

Jack McLaughlin

It appears that crazy milkshakes are in, because we’ve seen quite a few of them pop up since 2022 began.

And now, on the heels of The Yard Milkshake bar opening, the popular cake and cupcake bakery Sugar Rush announced its plans yesterday to launch a massive new location complete with its own brand-new Crazy Shake Bar.

Customers will be able to watch staff assemble their shakes in front of them as they select house-made baked goods–including entire cookies, cupcakes, macarons and more–to top their shakes with. It will feature bar stools, booth seating, TVs, and even disco balls. There will also be space for outdoor seating.


The new location will also boast a large retail space where customers can purchase a variety of sweet treats.

“The overall idea of this is to have more space. When we opened in 2020, we had no idea we would outgrow our kitchen so quickly,” said owner Amanda Miller. “Having five full-time employees as well as a handful of part time employees, and with all of our online orders, we found it fitting to expand.”

Miller said Sugar Rush aims to open the new space on Oct. 1.

The new Sugar Rush storefront will be located at 8114 E, Broad St. in Reynoldsburg, two buildings away from the bakery’s current location at 8130 E. Broad St. The former home of Sugar Rush will become “The Cake Studio by Sugar Rush,” which will host cake baking and decorating classes, cake camps, private baking lessons, and will also serve as an event venue.

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