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Dublin Restaurant suspended by Tax Commissioner, signage says

Dublin Restaurant suspended by Tax Commissioner, signage says

Jack McLaughlin

Noodle Topia, which is located at 7541 Sawmill Rd. in Dublin, has temporarily closed, and has been suspended by the Ohio Tax Commissioner, according to signs on the restaurant’s front door.

The eatery has posted its own signage to inform customers that it is temporarily closed on one of its double front doors. A public notice from the Ohio Tax Commissioner stating that Noodle Topia is under suspension has been posted on the opposite door.

The suspension notice says that Noodle Topia is prohibited from making retail sales at 7541 Sawmill Rd. in Dublin on or after Oct. 14 of this year.


Details of the suspension could not be confirmed by 614Now, and the restaurant owner could not be reached for comment.

According to Franklin County Court of Common Pleas records, there have been civil cases filed against the restaurant’s LLC, Noodlz OH LLC, by the Ohio Department of Taxation, in addition to the restaurant’s landlord.

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