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Historic Clintonville pizzeria announces temporary closure for updates

Historic Clintonville pizzeria announces temporary closure for updates

Jack McLaughlin

Starting today, an iconic Columbus pizzeria will close its doors for the time being.

Dante’s Pizza, which has served the city since 1973, announced it will temporarily close in order to remodel its dining room.

Dante’s is located at 3586 Indianola Ave. in Clintonville.


The long-standing Columbus restaurant has featured old-school pizzeria vibes in its dining room since its opening in the 70s, including wood paneling on the majority of its wall space.

“I would just say everything will have a new, fresh look,” said Dante’s co-owner Christina Taylor. “Things actually haven’t been updated since 1966 [before Dante’s took over the space].”

According to Taylor, the pizzeria will likely remain closed for at least a month. She anticipates Dante’s reopening in May, beginning with carryout service only. The pizzeria’s newly-updated dining room will likely not be open to patrons until June.

“It was actually sad to pack everything up. It was harder than I thought; it’s the place I’ve been for more than half my life,” said Taylor, who noted she began working at the pizzeria in her teens before buying it with her husband Jeff Egger. “But it’s going to be great when it’s done.”

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