How an unexpected local stop for the Weinermobile led to a hilarious (and fake) standoff with this local brewery

Jack McLaughlin

Gemut Biergarten is a proud German-inspired brewery, so when a hot dog truck peddling rival sausages pulls up unannounced, there’s bound to be trouble.

That’s what Gemut’s playful social media post yesterday might have made you think, at least.

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In case you couldn’t already tell, the post is just a joke. According to Gemut CEO Kyle Hofmesiter, brewery employees noticed the Wienermobile in their parking lot yesterday morning, before Gemut was open for business.

And no, Hoffmesiter said, the Weinermobile wasn’t actually selling hotdogs on the spot, either.

“The drivers were just getting breakfast across the street this morning. We weren’t even open. I’m just having a little fun with it,” he said. “I’m sure they were just passing through.”

According to the Weinermobile schedule, the vehicle doesn’t have a scheduled stop in Columbus anytime soon. Today, however, the iconic hot dog-inspired vehicle will be at the Fort Thomas Holiday Market in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, a city located just across the river from Cincinnati. On Dec. 2, the Weinermobile will be attending the grand re-opening of a Kroger in Mason, Ohio, which is just north of Cincinnati. 

While only the shadowy hotdog bosses know for sure, it’s likely our friends at Gemut caught the Weinermobile on its way to the Queen City, after it just so happened to stop in Columbus for breakfast. 

Either way, the legend lives on.

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