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Meet the new Columbus-based company dedicated to the all-popular espresso martini

Meet the new Columbus-based company dedicated to the all-popular espresso martini

Jack McLaughlin

Several years ago, when Italian Village resident Shannon Keeran just touched down in Las Vegas for a vacation, he needed a boost.

His flight landed at 1:30 a.m. CST, and he while he wanted to make the most out of his trip, he found himself fighting off the fatigue.

“I would visit the same resort pretty regularly, so I knew the bartender on staff that night. I told him I needed a pick-me-up drink,” Keeran said. “I was expecting a vodka Red Bull, but he handed me an espresso martini instead. And it was delicious.”

That first sip, in fact, was the catalyst for an entire business venture based around the now-booming espresso martini.


“I told him on the spot: ‘I’m going to bottle this one day,’” Keeran added.

Several years later, in January of this year, Keeran launched XXI Martinis, alongside co-founder Angelo Bottley.

Distilled and bottled in Columbus with the help of Middle West Spirits, XXI Martinis are available in a handful of states (including Ohio). You can find out where to grab a bottle for yourself here.

The martini producers, who plan to be available in as many as 30 states by the end of 2023, offer products in multiple flavors as well. Currently Espresso, Chocolate and Chocolate Peppermint (a seasonal variety) are available. 

According to Keeran, the Espresso Martini is–and likely will continue to be–XXI’s flagship product.

“It’s four to one in terms of sales,” he said. “And for good reason; we love it.”

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