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Our list of six quintessential Columbus burgers

Our list of six quintessential Columbus burgers

Sarah Sole

One of the bigger bragging points of the Columbus food scene is the burger. Like pizza and chicken wings, burgers can easily become a hot-button topic. So we proceed with care here in sharing six of our favorite spots for burgers that will blow your socks off. 

Preston’s: A Burger Joint

59 Spruce St.

A North Market staple, this beef patty powerhouse offers four different iterations of the classic burger, each delivered slathered in cheese. Our personal favorite? the Spicy boi, featuring Sambal jam, pimento cheese, shaved onion, and house pickle. 

The Thurman Cafe

183 Thurman Ave.

Can you even call this a burger list without including the behemoth Thurmanator? Featuring not one but two12-ounce burger patties, the Thurmanator is a test of any self-respecting foodie’s mettle. If you’re going it alone, proceed at your own risk. 


Multiple locations

If not executed well, the veggie burger can easily fade into forgettable territory. Not so for the Northstar Burger, which features one of the best iterations of plant-based patties you can find in the city. Made with organic black beans, brown rice, and beets, the burger is a hit with herbivores and omnivores alike. 

Ringside Cafe

19 N. Pearl St. 

Part of the fabric of Columbus since 1897, Ringside Cafe’s burgers feature 100% Angus beef and a whole lot of heart. And with names like the “Ali” and “Oscar de La Hoya,” you can be sure they also pack a punch. 

Johnnie’s Tavern

3503 Trabue Rd.

This unassuming yet beloved bar is a sure bet for a burger that won’t break the bank. Don’t skip this diamond in the rough. 

Matt & Tony’s

340 E. Gay St.

This downtown spot was formerly known as Pat & Gracie’s, but don’t let the name change fool you: Their burgers are as big and delicious as ever.

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