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Owner of Downtown hot dog restaurant reveals serious injury, hospitalization

Owner of Downtown hot dog restaurant reveals serious injury, hospitalization

Jack McLaughlin

Since last summer, Tasty Dawg has offered its own brand of gourmet hot dogs to the Arch City.

And while the eatery has remained open at 107 S. High St. ever since, owner Tom Dailey recently revealed that the restaurant–and himself–have endured a fair share of challenges in recent months.

In a statement posted to Tasty Dawg’s social media pages, Dailey shared that he was recently seriously injured and hospitalized following an incident.


“A few months ago, I was seriously injured and hospitalized for 24 days. I have much more healing ahead of me, but I consider myself a very lucky and blessed guy to have survived and be back to work running our restaurants,” he said.

The statement went on to say that, while Dailey is recovering, his businesses (which include multiple Zoup! locations), are struggling to keep up with the mounting expenses.

“However, we were open limited hours during my hospitalization, and our rent and other business expenses have continued to pile up alongside the medical bills. The thought of possibly having to shut down our restaurants and disappoint our team and customers due to these temporary challenges is unthinkable to me.”  Dailey said. “So, here’s my simple, passionate plea: Please consider us for your holiday season catering needs, meal deliveries or just stop in and enjoy a great meal at Tasty Dawg (Downtown) or Zoup! (Tuttle Crossing, Capitol Square, OSU/Grandview or Arena District).”

If you want to opt for catering, Dailey noted that ordering here will shave $50 off all orders.

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