Popular Indian eatery opening new restaurant in Powell

Jack McLaughlin

While Powell is already home to restaurant hotspots like Novella Osteria and Local Roots, another popular concept is adding a new location there.

Awadh India Restaurant will be opening a new eatery at 8736 Moreland St. in Powell.

The restaurant did not say when the new location will open, but it noted that menu trials are currently underway.


Awadh, which currently operates one other restaurant located at 2584 Bethel Rd., is named after the Awadh state in northern India, where chef and owner Anand Kumar was raised. The eatery focuses on the regional cooking technique of Dum Pukht, which involves cooking over a low flame with a heavy-bottomed pot.

Diners can expect dishes like kebabs, kormas, briyanis and breads that are unique to the Awadh region.

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