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Undercover Ice Cream: Here’s where to find great Columbus ice cream at unexpected spots

Undercover Ice Cream: Here’s where to find great Columbus ice cream at unexpected spots

Sarah Sole

One of the best feelings you can get after polishing off a delicious dish comes at that moment when you realize the menu somehow—miraculously—also includes ice cream. Suddenly, you’re not as full as you thought. Suddenly, you can absolutely, definitely make room for this pleasant period at the end of the satisfying sentence that was your meal. Get that dessert spoon ready, Columbus. Below are five spots where you can polish off your lunch or dinner with our favorite summer dessert. Better save room. 


Chapman’s Eat Market

739 S. 3rd St., Columbus

With a variety of vegan and gluten-free options, Chapman’s is a solid bet for just about anyone. Their imaginative menu is packed with apps, entrées, and sides that creatively combine flavors for a decadent experience. That same approach also applies to their dessert menu, which includes a tasting of ice creams with three seasonal flavors.  

Belle’s Bread

1168 Kenny Centre Mall, Columbus

We’d be hard pressed to find anything we didn’t like in this French-inspired Japanese bakery. The spot offers savory fare as well as sweet, with a variety of sandwiches including Tuna Avocado, Smoked Salmon, and Veggie Croquette. And if you’re in the mood for something cold for dessert, we’d recommend the green tea soft serve. 

The Little Kitchen

6750 Longshore St., Dublin

Located at North Market Bridge Park, the Little Kitchen’s plant-based menu is a delight for vegetarians and omnivores alike. The eatery features breakfast fare as well as deli favorites. And we know we’re cheating a bit here, but we couldn’t resist including this spot for its decadent milkshake menu. You can choose from cold brew coffee, brownie batter, cake batter, mint chocolate chip, lemon cake, strawberry shortcake, and cookies and cream. 

Insomnia Cookies

749 N. High St.; 2209 N. High St.

Don’t let the name trick you: Insomnia is more than just a (really good) cookie spot. Not many people realize Insomnia has ice cream, but like the kids: If you know, you know. And do we ever know, because there are few things better than a scoop of cold ice cream between fresh, hot cookies.

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