Wendy’s opening up to 200 delivery-only ghost kitchens this year

Jack McLaughlin

Wendy’s is buying into the ghost kitchen model.

During the company’s Q4 earning call, CEO Todd Penegor discussed Wendy’s plans to open between 150 to 200 Reef ghost kitchens, according to a Restaurant Dive report. Reef, a business dedicated to helping eateries launch ghost kitchens out of mobile, delivery-only units, is assisting Wendy’s with the expansion.

Wendy’s expects roughly 65% of the 200 ghost kitchens to be located in the United States, with 25% slated for the United Kingdom and 10% going to Canada.


Wendy’s currently operates approximately 30 Reef ghost kitchens between these three regions, but this year could see that figure increase by nearly 700%.

“We continue to expect Reef delivery kitchens to help us address underpenetrated urban markets,” Penegor said.

The move is in line with Wendy’s large-scale expansion plans as well, it appears, as roughly half of Wendy’s new growth this year is expected to come from non-traditional stores.

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