With nearly double the number of McDonald’s locations in Ohio, this is the most common fast food chain in the state

Jack McLaughlin

While the golden arches come to mind for many as the most prolific fast food chain in the Buckeye state, according to a recent data analysis by Stacker, another restaurant boasts nearly double the number of McDonald’s locations in Ohio.

The list, which used data from the Friendly City Lab at Georgia Tech University, shows which fast food, fast casual and coffee chains had the greatest number of locations in the state. 

Editor’s note: The survey used figures from 2021, meaning recent closures or expansion may have altered some of these numbers

According to the data, Subway operated 1,138 location, making it the most common fast food restaurant in the state. The runner-up, McDonalds, boasted just over half of that amount, with 625.


In case you’re curious, here’s Stacker’s list of the top 20 most common fast food chains in the state:

Subway, 1,138 locations 

McDonald’s, 625 locations

Wendy’s, 417 locations

Taco Bell, 390 locations

Burger King, 318 locations

Pizza Hut, 314 locations

Domino’s Pizza, 281 locations

Arby’s, 274 locations

Dairy Queen, 250 locations

Dunkin’, 237 locations 

Chipotle Mexican Grill, 222 locations

KFC, 197 locations

Starbucks, 189 locations

Papa John’s Pizza, 161 locations

Panera Bread, 147 locations

Little Caesars Pizza, 145 locations

Tim Horton’s, 134 locations

Donato’s Pizza, 114 locations

Marco’s Pizza, 111 locations

Jimmy John’s, 83 locations

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