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Guns brought into two different Columbus schools on the same day

Guns brought into two different Columbus schools on the same day

Jack McLaughlin

According to Columbus Police, two different Columbus high school students brought handguns into their respective schools yesterday.

One of the students, who is a minor, attends Whetstone High School in Clintonville. The student was late to school yesterday, which prompted a Whetstone employee to question him about his tardiness.

According to police, the student then made a joke that he was late because another student with him was showing off a handgun. School officials brought both students to the principal’s office, and a loaded gun was found in his backpack. The student was arrested.


The second incident occurred at East High School. Police said school officials received information that a student, who is also a minor, was posting photos of a gun to his social accounts. 

The student was then detained and a loaded handgun was found in his backpack, in addition to 33 live rounds and an extended magazine. He was later arrested.

No one was hurt in either incident.

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