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Popular East Side restaurant burglarized and “trashed”

Popular East Side restaurant burglarized and “trashed”

Jack McLaughlin

A popular East Side eatery was forced to close its doors for multiple days after a burglary left employees scrambling to piece things back together.

According to a statement and photos shared to LaGlory’s Soul Food Cafe’s social media accounts, the eatery had one of its glass front doors shattered by a burglar sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning. The door wasn’t the extent of the damage, either.

“LaGlory’s was robbed. The bad guys trashed the place. Unfortunately, we will be closed today and tomorrow cleaning up the mess and repairing the damage,” the statement, which was posted on Friday, reads.


The restaurant also had to close Sunday. It is typically closed on Monday, and owner Marc Bradley is hoping the eatery can reopen tomorrow.

According to Bradley, the eatery’s cash drawer was stolen along with a power washer, and its point of sale system was smashed. Due to a shipping delay on its new system, LaGlory’s may not be able to accept card transactions for several days.

According to Bradley, any unexpected time off for his employees can represent a major hurdle.

“In the food service industry, most employees are hourly. That means, when we’re not open, they’re not getting paid,” he said. “Because we had to shut down, I’m going to pay them for Friday. I’m blessed to have my staff; we’re like a family here.”

LaGlory’s Soul Food Cafe is located at 3350 Allegheny Ave. It is connected to the Cool J C Christ Cathedral. Bradley said the eatery is currently meeting with security professionals to update its safety measures.

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